and let’s reflect back what’s on twenty and ten.

1) God sent me an angel, an angel that never failed to comfort and stay by my side and has made my twentyten beautiful. Yet, maybe im disobedience or not loving enough, he left me just before twenty ten end. sad.

2) gave him a surprise. a very successful one.

3) work in a build and design firm.

4) the happiest moment were; when he whispered ‘Iloveyou’ on my ear.

5) the most secure moment; he lifted me up hug me tightly, when I slip down on the floor at the public and each time when he holds my hand.

6) finally drive!

7) archived a freelance project, designing a wine shop.

8 ) get a desktop that could support all my works and makes my final project productively, thanks daddy.

9) mama bought me a new toy after I asked for years, thankyou mummy!

10) gained 2kg.

11) made a stool all by myself.

12) had the first photoshoot session.

13) learnt valuable lessons from a relationship through revealing of attitudes from the both of us.

14) got myself a wide lens lomo.

15) had red hair for few days because it fade later on. sigh.


im not going to do newyear resolution because I will never archive.haha.

HappyNewYear all.

thankyou for all the loves one (family and friends) who have been supporting me throughout all these year. love you all! =)