have you tangyuen? 🙂

Hello people. Im home to celebrate this beautiful season falls on December with the love ones. Winter Solstice were just yesterday, so we made tong yuen originated from sweet potatoes. here’s the ingredients and steps.

At the first place I told mummy to get yam but she said its hard to get since its last minute, so she bought japanese and local sweet potatoes. *reminds me of snowflake, I WANT*

put it to steam till its cook. wait for it to cold then peel off the skin.

while waiting for the sweet potato to cold, prepare the syrup. Pandan Leaves are added into the boiling water for smells.

add Brown sugar in after the water is boiled.

mummy secret recipe to make the tang yuen QQ.

mix glutinous rice flour with the sweet potato and some water to a dough.

tong yuen here I come.

tada~ its time to boil. If it float means its cooked.

drained it with cold water to make it QQ.

served with the syrup 🙂

enjoy 😀