hello! great that I am still here.

well, recently If you were on facebook, guess you read about the news of a young guy who commit suicide because his girlfriend left her. i think its a stupid act, life is priceless. why we human sometimes just don’t appreciate? :/ LIFE is so important at least to me, I had a deeper thought on this because of the incident last night. a car banged me while its reversing, thank God the driver dint reverse in a fast speed, if not I wouldn’t imagine what would happen. That moment I got banged, i was kinda blank, felt scared later on and don’t know what to do until one of my friend shouted my name and asked me to run over… tears start to drop and thought of my family :/ sigh. i was really scared at that moment, my friend calm me down. I felt better later on… just a minor bang yet loads of thoughts are floating in my brain…

Thank God for his protection and this precious life.

my dear friends, appreciate your life 🙂