here’s a post of my beloved coursemates work 🙂 everyone did a great job! *applause applause*

apologize for the blurry and small fonts, hehehe!

Mr Hee Yew Weng, who did child care that were name after WORDS. this is not his best work, he knows he can do better than this, right wengiee weng? hehe.

Ah Wei with his TRUE FITNESS. he is trying to send me a message, how caring. HAHAH! i will start my exercise routine soon la.

Jimmy. who has take the gut to use AVATAR as his concept and the lecturer just love it. During one of the pin up, Jimmy touch on researches he did on Brunei fishing, when he said Brunei, he raise his voice and look at me. HAHAHAH! funnny guy~ (EXHIBITED)

the board that most of us love. THE COLORS are very eye catching. Nnyaladzi Memo has shocked the lecturer with his work. I overhead the lecturer saying that.. “Tengok budak ni, macam pandai pandai main saja… tapi pandai buat kerja juga.” i laughed silently. (EXHIBITED)

i realized most of my work are RED. (EXHIBITED)