yesh finalllieeee! about the furniture design 🙂

it din’t turn out like what I designed because I work it own my own ( it will better if its done by the carpenter) especially the stability, the smooth and professional cut etc. BUT im proud of myself because I finally take the gut to work on with the scary machine that are provided in the Uni workshop. i dislike the machine’s sound… 😦

the machine I used for cutting these pieces are like Osim sliming machine… it keeps shaking -__________-

eco friendly material used: felt, wooven rope, mdf board.

tiny little mock up 🙂

noooo I dint hammer on my hand 🙂 ada skill lo. hehe.

tada! here’s the end product 🙂 guess what’s that braid for? 🙂 and and what does the shape of the chair remind you of?

here’s the function of it! convenient right? can carry everywhere you go 🙂

Happy stool were inspired by the gasing! why? because we are asked to design furnitures that are ONE MALAYSIA, INNOVATIVE, GO GREEN. Malay play gasing, Chinese called it Tuo Luo and Indian called it Pambaram, then it were later developed to a Happy Stool (because of the beautiful and joyful color) 🙂

well yeah, it was not really a good one, I would say. Mr Max (my furniture lecturer) who likes the inspiration.. he was kinda disappointed with my stool because it was too small and the stability of it 😦 i admit cause it was a last minute work.

but at least I know it was shortlisted and appreciate once, in the ideation award 2010.

next time: I design only!