and yesh, finally design review is over after burning midnight candle for month and im not use to the sudden of freedom at the moment :/ anyway, lets talk about the design review preparation and presentation.

So, we had to pin up our work before our presentation day, here’s jimmy and suxin pining up my board, so kind of them 🙂

Miss Azlene, my design lecturer gave us a short brief of what to do on our presentation day after the pin up.

taken with my new toy, love this picture, so is jimmy and lian hwa. 🙂

The presentation day

dresss up and get ready! making sure I look neat. and this red polka shirt reminds me of internship because each time I wear this to work, one of my ex colleague will touch the little dragon fly on my shirt and will say its cuteee. time flies so fast, its just like yesterday that I complete my intership… WAIT! its another semester that was about to end…. 😦

i called this a shooting session. sigh. good composition of presentation board, so? I don’t have a good design here. oh well, at least I try my very best! comments from the panels are worth to keep in mind and put in practice.

Samuel presenting his Times Community Hub, and the panel standing infront of him, looks like a reflection of Sam.. hahaha! Sam in 50 years old. *Sam I know you are reading this*

with Mr Max and Puan Sabariah, two of my fav lecturer. 🙂

one of my playmatesss in classss 🙂

rolling up after the review 😀

picture timeee! a group photo of the diplomas 🙂 they are leaving us 😦 im so going to misss theeemmm lo!

before and after STRESS! big impact on us. Jimmy succeed to lost 30kgs of weight (i still cant accept the fact). long hair to short hair… light to heavy… proudly designers!

three years back.

hahaa. kay Ms Azlene looks like she is my mum here.. I was trying to help her to cover her pregnant tummy… hahaha!

with the tutor, Mr Shawn.

the can’t wait to graduate excited face! hahaha


The Aged Care, that doesn’t look like an aged care. sigh. sigh sigh. anyway, have a look la 🙂

Concept: Bird Nest

the library and the dining area.

the entertainment area

the counter and the library

the tea area, the library from the kitchen

even it is not good … I still want to thanks to all these people, they deserve the credits: Daddy and Mummy, Puan Laila, Ms Azlene, Mr Shawn, Karen Foong, Hafiz, Samuel, Roxane, John Ching, Licco Ha, Richard Ha, Lian Hwa, Vincent Yap, Jimmy, Yi Ning, Suxin… and others friends that I dint mention. Thank you for all the supportssss and encouragement during the design progress 🙂

Next Assignment : Furniture Design.

gooodnight peeepooo! waitt… Its goood Morning 🙂

*off to bed*