Hello! so, here’s few picture from the furniture design exhibition 🙂

Bee Chair, the most popular furniture of the day 🙂 proud of Sam, Weng and Wei! well done guys.

Name of the furniture:  The palm.

Lian Hwa (left) Chinda (middle) and Yvonne (right) with they furniture.

Jimmy(behind) Aisha (middle) and B00 (right), forget what’s the name of the chair. hehehe

SuXin (right) Jason (middle) and RedBean (right), cupboard and chair. 🙂

Bame and groupmates, good workmanship “Wine rack” 🙂

Yew weng and Wei enjoying the comfort of they chair. 🙂

love this chair, it is very stable and comfy but sadly the lecturers doesn’t like it 😦

hehehe 🙂

proving how strong is the Bee chair. 🙂

hehe. love me 🙂

stay tune for the next post.