Im in love with dots especially the white, red and black ♥ yet, its so tempting to buy things with dots printed on. I do sticker collection when I was young, some did stamp collection, when I was in primary school I collects eraser, I have a box of cute and weird erasers and when I was in high schools, I collected Teens Magazine and now those magazines are for recycle. $__$ and and and, for today, now, sekarang.. I collect scrapbooking papers & polka dots things(notebook, papers, envelope, files, DRESS etc)

so here’s my little dot’s collection ♥

a small little note pad, easy carry ♥

envelope, I guess whoever receive letters or cards with this envelope will be very happy… its all because of the red and cute dots. agree? ♥

light weight notebook, brown papers, diary? ♥

little dot signing off.