Hola! Spain won Fifa World Cup 2010, as predicted by Paul, the Octopus, legend of today. 🙂 what’s four years later? seahorse? Lol!

Spain midfielder Andres Iniesta were the men of the game instead of David Villa. The finals is my first match that I watch all of it. HAHHAHA! like I say, I dont find it fun sitting an hour plus sitting infront the tv watching 20 players running after a ball. Its final so I watched. anyhoots, I support Spain because of the Octopus (i admit) and also I always love Spain language ( hence, I feel I have a closer relationship with Spain) Lol! and because of Spain, I get to choose where to go for dinner this weekend, dearly support Netherland, and we have a promise between two of us, whoever wins, get a treat! 🙂 HEHEHEHE!

the end of world cup, literally means back to human lives. no more zombies! 😀

“buenas noches” Goodnight in spanish!