Roxy brought me to sticky. FINALLY. after reading Xiaxue’s blog, hoping they have one in Malaysia too. Yesh there are Sticky in Malaysia. wheeeeeeeee! located at one utama shopping mall. I remembered when I was young I always get to eat this handmade sweet, mom’s friend brought it for us from Australia during her trip. ITS MY CHILDHOOD kay and for sure I miss the taste.  so here we go. STICKY! yummmm~

there are always crowd when they are making sweets, when they finish making, the crowd will disappear.

Roxy with her Kimbo look.

this picture tell you more where the location is, go figure it. 🙂

Lime, one of the flavour, they have too much for us to choose. I bought drangonfruit flavour and all choices of fruit flavour.

Its expensive to have your own design sweets. It cost 700rm for 6 kilos and I dont need so much lo. right, wait for my big day then I might get it. HEHEHE! 🙂

till here.