Friday were just a typical day, spent my time at home with the family. 🙂

Saturday.. mmmm. leaving love one, meets the love one, both happy and sad. I flew back this time alone again, it was not as bad as I thought (maybe because of the two Japanese girls who were sitting beside me) one ear listening to TaeYang’s song in my mp3 & the other one listening to the two japanese girls conversation, I don’t understand but I enjoyed listening to them. Both of them kept telling me that “Brunei is nice” while we depart and landed. Hahhaa! Yaaa, agree with them Brunei is nice.  🙂

have no idea why Im so happy just because Im the first one to board. hehehhe!


Thanks to Licco, Roxane & Fxy. thank you for picking me up & the surprises. loveee you all.