I had Japanese cuisine again, Im not getting bored of it anytime soon because I seldom eat Japanese Cuisine in KL because Escapade is still the best to me.

see how thick and fresh is the salmon? 🙂

Lovely girls of mine, everyone is leaving soon and to different places. hoping to see you all end of the year. 🙂

enjoying the honey stick from coffee bean. 🙂

had a great chat with them the whole night, I miss the time that we used to hang out after YF. mmm.

On the other hand, my high school reunion were held at escapade too. I joined them a little while, updating each other.

all of them here are tiny. *speechless* anyway, its good to see each other again. 🙂

the group photo of people who turn out that night. 🙂 the rest, are not in town. we should have a proper reunion soon? end of the year, when most of them are coming back. 🙂

and today is Friday, here comes weekend again!