its my 81st day of training and my last day of work. 😀 so the company did a company lunch for a farewell for me & a birthday celebration for Lency, the birthday girl. 🙂 We had it at my boss restaurant, Kitaro, a Japanese cuisine. Its my first time dining in there, apart from taking part in the site cordination during the renovations. The food were good, must try guys!

the food looks food and taste good too! go try! 🙂 location: behind the Centerpoint Hotel, opposite the Hua Ho Building. 🙂

I GAINed WEIGHT!sigh double sigh! anyway, I have a pretty boss. 😀

makan timeee, Thank you for the pizza, Hafiz! 🙂

the crew.

ah ha! you two! Thank you very much for spending the time to teach me this and that & making my report, diary perfect. I might be slow at times but you guys are very patience and kind to teach me. Im touched by the two of you, you guys dint look down on me but spent time teaching me whatever you know. THANK YOU! guys, your encouragement were appreciated. 🙂 hoping to learn & work with you guys again! 🙂 takeccareee! *i know you will read this, right Hafiz? 🙂 that Kin won’t, cause he says im not jane the hot chic, sad to the max lo*

I miss walking in the office every early morning & goes to the site. sigh! Im turning a workaholic. guess Im just loving this job! 🙂