aiyoo‘ its the most frequent word used in our conversation & i think its funny. This is how he use it:

Ha: aiyoo, you haven’t dry your hair.. go dry..

few minutes later.

Ha: aiyoo, still haven’t dry your hair.. go dry, later headache.

Sooner or later I got influence and start aiyoo-ing too. okay, aiyoo is not a word, I don’t know how you call this.. but its still made up with alphabets, so its still word! HAHAHA! Anyway, its my last weekend here =( im appreciating every minutes of it. eversince I start internship, I cherish my every weekends. Brunei has less entertainment but my days & life here are still awesome. Home is always the comfort zone and its time to stay out if it & get back to Uni’s life. Wait! Life in KL is not comfy but is FUN! so, Life is still good! thank God for His blessing, he blessed me with awesome people, trials, emotions etc, and from there I learnt to grow and move on and sees His blessing showering upon me day by day. God is Great!

here’s a cheque for you, Mr Ha.

aiyoo, one million leh! tell me how are you going to withdraw?


dear, happy ninemonthsary