Portugal Seven Goals and not giving any chance to Korea. So far this match is the widest margin in South Africa.

Portugal players jumping for joy after the end of the game (picture courtesy to FIFA.com). Im not a football fans so don’t date me to accompany you in your living watching two whole football team of creature running after one ball. BUT im excited on who is winning, ah-ha, Brother were shouting “Wooo seven seven” few minutes ago right infront of me. Interesting score & I guess this will be tomorrow’s topic. What happen to Korea? should ate more Kimchi ba! anyways, Im looking forward for 2010 worldcup winner. will Portugal take over either Italy or South Africa? 🙂

i simply love this photo(above), the colours, red-happiness & green-energetic. the combination is just so wonderful, best describe they joy & excitement and oh, does this photo reminds you of how happy you are during the last Christmas, don’t they? 🙂

Have a great day.