third Sunday of June- FATHER’S DAY! 🙂 as usual, typical family dinner that could make daddy happy & feel great at the end of the day.

Daddy is the greatest person in the family, daddy’s rules- we are to obey & follow. He teach & bring us up in a right way, I like the way we are brought up, Im so blessed to be in this family. The way we are taught & learnt are how the next generation is going to be brought up too, that’s why daddy always have to be a good example for all.

Daddy are to encourage & motivate his children not to bring them down. Greatest encouragement from daddy is, he allows me to have my own decision on what course that I would like to persuade on after form five & support me throughout my uni years. 😀 thankyou daddy!

Once again, Happy father’s day to all daddy on earth & heaven.