Have you guys watch the well known movie called, The Da Vinci Code? I din’t watch it cause I think its not interesting?! HAHA! I prefer comedy. 🙂

anyway, today I tagged along with the colleagues to do shopping! YAY, SHOPPING! the fun part & I get to see various furnitures & feels different comfortable material. One of the stop were at Jalan Tutong, the Da Vinci Collection. The building itself is a Da Vinci look like design. I love the balconies, let me wear a princess dress and wave from the balconies, I told my colleagues and later on, one of them suggested why not Taylor Swift, referring to the Love Story MTV. not bad also! 😀

Da Vinci Collection have mostly antique furnitures, lightings, tables etc. The fashion label Versace are they frequent used brand. If you have the free time or looking for antiques, can drop by and have a look. You might like it. 🙂

Loves shopping!