time flies super duper fast & Im finishing my 80 days training soon 😀 I learnt pretty much these two months, of course really thanks people who taught me willingly, without you guys, I couldn’t perform well. Thanks guys, you know who you are. And specially you, I don ‘t mind how are you going to treat me in the environment anymore, because of you, I see through how a person can be in a working environment and because of these, Im getting stronger and move on. Anyway, yaaaa.. the other day, I joined my colleagues and we went to choose curtains, wallpapers etc. I simply love this part of the job. Well, Im just an observer but I get to see wide range of wallpapers & be very happy about it.  Im getting one for my room soon. 😀 *excited*

too busy, no time to look at the camera. hehehe! Im enjoying myself. 🙂