boyfriend is the big bumb. 😀 awwww, thank you for loving me oi!

I gave a little surprise for bigbumb early January (returning KL without letting bigbumb know) but before that, bigbumb gave me a surprise earlier than me. After arriving KL, cousin picked me up and bla bla… this is what i saw after entering my room. Big Bumb spamed my wall with sweeet messages (that even beee cannot tahan), he paste each everday for a month? dont know real or not la. anyway, touching la kay! anddd ohh, big bumb is a lovely housewife cause he clean my room when im not around. 😀 then everytime when I arrive I don’t have to clean… you know la, after 2 hours flight, sure tired one ma. hehehe. one more thing, big bumb, your chicken soup is awesooom. you cook like a housewife oi! Happy eightmonthsary big bumb. hugss!