He can really eat, another thing I like of him. but Mr Ha is too picky and doesn’t gain weight and it gave me  headache because Mr Ha is too slim that I look like a giant.  When Im a giant, I cannot enjoy food anymore. When I can’t enjoy food, restaurants business will fall. When the restaurant business fall, restaurant  close down. When it is close down, my friends will have only few places to go for tea. When its only a few, they will get bored of the few places very soon. and…… *someone continue for me* HAHAHA! what time is it now? aren’t im suppose to be on bed?  I HAVE WORK TOMORROW  but im sure i can wake up. so will sleeep in later a bit.

Mr Ha you know this is for what right? its the monthsary thingy! you go count and tell me! HEHEHEHEH! I know you know la.. cause you are the one who always remind me. another one thing i like of him, always remember our monthsary. but don’t know if this we last for the years later. HAHAHAHA! will you Mr Ha? 🙂 Bumby, thank you for your loves. (and when I say Loves it means everything, i know you are going to ask me love only meh?) HAHAHAH! GOTCHA! Bumby, whatever we have gone through the trials and problems these months, the ups and downs, I believe God has his purpose for us and we learnt a lot. right silly bumb? : ) hearts you.

your mimi.