I never like Indian food except roti canai and teh tarik. Few days back, my colleague ask us to join her for lunch at Tandoor.com. It took me awhile to say yes, cause Its indian food.. (spicy and weird taste) but I decided to join them, give a try ma 🙂

shall we let the picture do the talking? : )

Celine, my colleague.

a nice place for dinner especially for big family. 🙂


nice interior right? comfy sofa seat too.

colourful fishes

acting as a princess.

The Food:

Its green, it disgusted me a little but after tasting it, the taste are good,  INDIAN CHEESE. 🙂

guess what is this? *sorry people, I don’t remember the names*

Nasi Briyani… and few second later, look what I found?

an egg, my colleague said that Im luckily that I found an egg inside, cause they don’t always serve this with egg. 🙂

there were few Indian instrument for display, example… flute..

me with they little drum.

Location: the building behind The Arch, Gadong. 🙂

Go try someday and ooh, they have buffet every thursday night.