Lol! my topic sounds so formal? serious? anyway, how’s your weekend? I enjoyed my weekend watching taiwan drama, the next stop happiness. YOU MUST WATCH IT TOO! : ) cause the storyline is good, too good and touching that make me tear. So, apart from watching drama, Saturday morning right before we were off for half day rest, we(me and ee lynn) decided to make a little change over of the showroom. sometime being kepo is good! : )

the showroom.

does these chairs look familiar to you? If you go to banks in Brunei, DST often, you might see these chairs before. These chairs are so heavy! WE ARE SUPERGIRL. we moved all these chairs to the store and replaced with other more comfy and classic chair. (If you are looking for office chair, do let me know, we have various here and im sure you will definitely like it, cause IM IN LOVE WITH THOSE CHAIRS.)

Lynn vacuum-ing the carpet before replacing with the new chairs.

tada~ 30 minutes later. Now I can take a nap. these chairs are just too comfy. If you don’t believe come and look for me at the showroom and I let you sit on it. HAHAHAH! oh well, client. : )

told yaa the chairs are heavy! WE ARE STRONG. : ) i look retarded here. HAHAHA.

meet Lency,  my colleague who in charge with the furnitures. and the sofa she is sitting at is my favourite. *wink wink*

of course we were having fun while doing a little change over for the showroom.

GREY? : )

Lency suggest that we should be the furnitures model. help to promote the product. HHEHEHE!

so if you are interested on the chairs, do let me know. btw, theses chairs are from EUROPE and its name after EURO.

my monday night mode is WORK! submission is due tomorrow morning, im just helping my senior with the plan. its not my design… mmmmm. alright. till here.