Im so happy today! wheeee! I got a call from MAS this morning & were told that I won two ticket to Japan for a week. Excited kay! (this post is going to be red in colour to reflects how happy i am!)

can’t wait to see those beautiful sakura on the streets &  shopppingggs! wait, the most important thing that I must do is put on Kimono! I think i forget DISNEYLAND, how could I forget that! Oh man…  im just too excited, you don’t know how I react when I received the call. My colleague thought what had happen. IM SO EXCITEDDDD LA!

can’t wait can’t wait!~

and Im not going to waste this ticket, ticket to Japan is not cheap okay and I won it, i must go right? and ooh, its this photography competition I joined few months back & can’t believe I won! YAY!

now I got 2 ticket, who is going with me? mummy and daddy were busy and couldn’t join me. Licco can you come Brunei no and join me? pleaseeeeeeeee. Disneyland lehh, our dream place wor. anyway… JAPAN! Im here in a weeek! wait me~

yaaaayyy, nightss peoplee!