I had the third interview  today and finally got a goood one! *yessh I quited the previous one, due to some reason, I would like to share If you come to me. =)

Before the interview, I went breakfast with mommy & friends and later on went to a bakery shop. I enjoy to know more about those flours and other ingredients usage ( I think most of the girls love to learn about it too). When I come to the drinks section, the starbuck’s logo on the bottle cap caught my attention! and it is really starbucks coffee! GREAT!

want to know moree about starbucks logo? you can STARBUCKS here.

STARBUCKS IN BOTTLE? fuuuu! aweeeeesomeeee! now who say you can’t drink starbucks coffee when there’s now starbucks coffee house in Brunei!@#$%^&*(im still wishing starbucks will have a branch in Bunei thou) right Brunei starbucks fans?

but of course they don’t have all the favourite. These are the four: Coffee. Dark Chocolate Mocha, Mocha and Vanilla. I din’t get one cause mommy say the expiry date so long not goood for health. Mommy advice must listen oneee! *faster say im a good girl* Not only that lar, four of the flavour are not my favourite so not really into trying it. BUT THE BOTTLES ARE CUTE!

sigh! i want greeeen tea frappuccino nowwww with chocloate chips naww!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Yay, tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow! =D