helloesss! have been waiting so long for a lomo & finally I get one.

designed in Japan, made in China.

there are 4 or 5 colors, I choose whitee and each color have they own name. White Slim Angel, Cute namee right? =)

Super Fat lens on the other hand its called Wide lens. (Fat Lens but with a slim name. =____=)

yeapss, that’s my new toy! Lomo camera uses films, different lomo different type of film. This wide lens lomo’s film are found everywhere, that’s why I choose this. Its requires very bright light in order to take a great shot, so its not recommended for outdoor and night. Its best for taking landscape view on a bright sunny day!  ( *wants to go Pulau Redang this July!)

Below are few pictures took by my lomo. My first roll of 36s kodak film, only 16 pictures are good. The rest were too dark and it turns out nothing in the film. but im going to play with it more. =)

McDonald Kiosk at KLIA.

stop by one of the petrol station on our way to Melacca.

high tea at the empire.

my cousin at the hometown. Its taken under bright sun and its the nicest one among all the 16 pictures.

Lomo is fun! I always can’t wait to develop the pictures. hehehe.. Next target were fish eye lomo! $_____$