we girls gave a little birthday surprise for Karen last night at Escapede. She knows about this surprise… nobody told her, its because she knows us well. we had a great night! 

The previous day, susan & pin jia (the others were busy so they couldn’t make it) came my housee and we baked a cheesecake for Karenie, its our first timeee baking cakes for friend.  Luckily mommy were there helping us. The cute little ballerina girl on the cake reflects to Karen, yesh! Karen is a ballet dancer. im proud of youuu karenieee. =D and ohh not only the decoration lookss good, it taste good too! its actually Japanese Sakura Cheesecake.

happy to see the Joy on her facee. Happpy 19th Birthday Kareniiee! 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

*susan, is leaving tomorrow.. =(*