hello kawan-kawan sekalian, apa khabar? 🙂

(no, this post is not in malay… continue reading) 🙂

Rain visits me everyday, undried cloth, slippery floor that you have to walk carefully, bring umbrella everywhere you go like *sam pat**but luckily lar, these days got cute & nice umbrellas), basement car parks are fulled, have to use loads of eye energy to see the road & drive carefully, whatelse leh?

the result of not bringing umbrella : SICK! sore throat, sneeze, fever. NOOOO! honestly, hot honey lemon helps. after your meal, drink the whole cup one go. You definitely will sweat & will feels better. trust me! =D

sick so what? still can go shopping ma, walk more, sweat more, recover sooner! Bangsar village is a *rich town* where you see all nice cool sports car. damn sui! Other than car, hot ladies & gentleman with all branded goods. I love visiting there once in awhile but staying there, I don’t think I will, the standard living there are kinda high. Anyway, I were there to shop in they boutiques, most of they boutiques are located upstairs (shop lot). Have to climb up and down to visit one to another. tiring lor!  Bangsar is very famous with boutiques. Girls, If got chance do go and visit. =)

apart from that, every Sunday, the evening market there were good too. Fresh veges & fruits, nice & traditional foods etc. The above picture: an old woman packing 麻芝 for me.

and look, cherries. My favourites! Tips to girls, the first day of your pms, if your stomach pain like ^^#@#$%^&*(), cherries help to cure your pain. Cherries are my bestfriend =D

Colourful flowers, the whole bunch cost 10rm (cheapest) most expensive and bigger bunch, its only around 20rm. cheap? fresh also wor. Mr Licco dint get it for me, he said he prefer dark roses. I WILL WAIT ! BOOYA~

okie, this is Ikea famous meatball (*wink at Carissa*) at Ikea, duh! anyway, I bought one whole packet back home for families, of course not cook one… those frozen one, and will try make the sauce. mwahahahha! want some?

Chinese New year are around the corner (one more week), decorations, goodies & songs played everywhere making everyone feels prosperity. I can’t wait to meet my beloved siblings ( 1 more days).

were stuck in traffic jams yesterday on our way to Melacca, so vain awhile lor, not hurting your eye eyy?!@#$%&(  So yeah, Im going to end this post & not sure when I will update, will see If my hometown upgraded with internet connection. alright peopleeee… happpy chinnneeese neeewwww yearrrr. Enjoy Hunting for red packets!

adiosss! 🙂