yea, finally I attend law class, first step to get a legal driving license. 6 hours class in a day, FLAT BUTT! but still okay lar, got one hour break and in between there’s 5 mins break, so maybe overall its only a 4 hours class but still boring weh. Facebook-ing & drawing to kills time lor. Its in Malay, saya faham tetapi… Anyway, I don’t know what happen to my Malay, seldom write and speak I think, all return to teacher already. When I speaks Malay in Malaysia, people will ask me, WHERE ARE YOU FROM? INDONESIA? YOYU’RE NOT LOCAL AR? nevermind, forget it, I better speak NORMAL language with NORMAL slangs.

*study time* any volunteer(referring to those who ot they driving license) who want to explain those 500 malay questions to me? You will make my life easier.