hey hey, to who for still wondering where am I? Im in KL & its not a secret anymore. Thank you all for helping me with making this surprise successfully. Boyfriend din not expect me to come back this month, its kinda hard not to tell him Im back soon but I did it (proud of myself). He were speechless when he saw me. Not bad lar, it was a success surprise after saying those white lies, worth lo. Well, Im back here for driving class ( good reason right?) HAHHHA! no lar, its both so equal equal. anyway, I have to attend 5hours of law class in one day. =( SAVEEE ME!

Lionel’s 19th Birthday 🙂 venue: MOS  date: 2.1.2010

us, who were there.

with Roxy.

The photographer dislike the cake. aiks!

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