hey readers, so is your 2010’s resolution out yet? My resolution are slightly the same like last year (which means I did not archive any 2009 resolution) so im not crossing it. But, I added on  few for this year too. Im active with my resolution always only in the first few month of the year. HAHAHAH! but at least the resolutions sometime will guide and remind. So its better also to write down the resolutions on your planner or maybe your diary? HEHEHE!

First day of the year I started with project 365 together with Sen Ern & Jayden Sia. We will post a picture each day, can check out our facebook PROJECT 365 ALBUM. The only difference are, they pictures are more MACHO than minee. so DO NOT COMPARED a digital camera albums with those MACHO DSLR album. NOT FAIR! x____x  but still visit lor, and give me some support larr! HHEEHEH!

Okay other than the PROJECT 365, my first day of the year very happening lor. Went shopping with the family in Parkson, Miri and parked at the parking area where we always park and later on kena fined. 1st January leh, holiday bo! why the traffic police so free? nevermind ooh, but why only us kena fined, so many cars park there also leh. COMPLAINED END!

and and and the third thing, I planned a surprise earlier on for the boyfriend and its SUCCESS! wheeeeee. want to know what is it? come ask me lar! HEHEHE! my eye lid so heavy right now, need to take a nap. NIGHTTS! =)