I starred at this blank page for few minute before I start typing, I have too much things in mind. I thought a lot and even thought of continue-ing my degree in Singapore. Which is time saving yet stressful but I will be holding a degree cert in two years time whereas in my currently uni, I have another 3years to go. While I was chat-ing with Sen Ern (who is currently in Lasalle Uni doing  major in Interior design next year) last night, I go so excited & can’t wait to apply and go for the interview. I even told my mum about it this morning (I normally don’t tell dad about it, if im not really confirm yet.) This little thought were later on very disturbing, im not sure about anything & all the negative thinkings are killing me, some-more 2010 is approaching and it does make my heart beats beat faster than usual. Talking to God, by HIS grace and wisdom, he calmed me down. On the other hand, two of my friends who read the boyfriend’s blog, one nudge me in msn and another one chat with me in facebook to ask me about this little thought, the funny thing is this two friends of mine are sisters, CARISSA CHENG & SHARON CHENG, who are enjoying they holidays in  Singapore now. did you gals timed to find me together? HAHAHA! and and and my lover ROXANE NG, who is now in Singapore too, thank you for your advice. Three of you, Little angels of my night! =) Thank God!

what makes me have this thought? the duration to graduate & the problems back in my current Uni Life, im trying to run away from it.

So conclusion, I will stay and keep moving on with the passion I have 2 years back when I enter uni and always keeep in mind that, with God, nothing is impossible! 🙂

but Im looking forward for a holiday trip in Singapore! 🙂