its 26th of the month, whee!

Boyfriend, thank youuu for everything, time really flies and we have been in this special relationship for 3 months already. So it goes like this, he “present” himself as a birthday gift for me on my birthday(26th Sep). A great present which I think is USEFULL, can help me in many things worh like clean room ar, cook for me ar, SAYANG ME etc, of course I want this gift la ?!!@#$%  LOVEE ME MOREE! (poor boyfriend) I got sayang you also hoh!! Anyway, we have beeen through ups & downs & you never give up on me. There’s this time, I choose to give up, I know I hurt you really deep & the scar is still there, all I can say is sorry and sorry (Praying that you will forgive me someday.) Im sorry that I always choose to give up when there’ re problem. Once again, silly boyfriend, thank youuu for your love  & care. *hugss* Lovee youu!

*special thanks to Afiq Ahmad(abang hensem) for his 8K!*

*roll eyes & walkaway*

If you guys want to know why 8K?! come ask me, I might tell you. HAHAHHAH!

janeee. 🙂