i don’t know what happen to me. I started to doubt this & that & somehow feel a distant away from him. He have his stuff to do & I have my stuff to do. and i questioned him, i sound so childish but hey dear, remember Im a girl? cant help it. im not blaming anyone. I admit im selfish, he is already alone there but I still complain this & that to him. sigh!

dear, I know you are alone there right now, im sorry I cant accompany you. and especially in this special season, people have been telling you how happy there are with they family celebrating together this makes you more upset but look on the brighter side, you can see me everyday right? just that I look a little bit ugly on the webcam but its still me and we can celebrate through webcamiee too, right love? Like you say, we still have long way to go, so don’t worry, we will have chance to celebrate together someday.hugssss & lovee you. take caree loveeyy lovee. =p

were baking CARAMEL MUDCAKE CUPCAKES an hour back. no worries, the kitchen were still in good condition, right mum? anyway, Lover, a heart on the cupcakee, just for you, I will eat it for you instead! will bake for you again someday when im back, MAYBE, NO PROMISES! )(*&^% ^&(#$#@! I still remembered what you want me to do on yoour birthday. *wink wink* ( guys you want to knowww, comee back to my blog for it!) something related to cupcake too. HEHEHHE! so tmrw is Christmas eve so I decided to bake cupcakes with the help of sis & cousin. the cupcake taste goood according to sis, I dunno lar, I havent give a bite yet. later ba. =)

chocolate as the toppings, the decoration are always the fun part, i dislike measuring flour, butter etc. oh wait, doing measuring is better than finding all those ingredients that you don’t know where mum actually store them in. I phoned my mum few time just to ask her where are those ingredient that I couldn’t find. anyway, im still ENJOYINNGG MYSELF IN THE KITCHEN. yeah at night cause there’s no morning in my daily life right now, aikss. That’s bad, I knowww. havee to change. Yeah, wake up early, breath in fresh air, do some exercise, eat breakfast etc– HEALTHY ROUTINE, that mum remind me day and day, I can even memorize  her phrase. Anyway, back to cupcake, hmmm. Sis say she want to bake tomorrow again, I think they lovee it. goood thing! =)

so, tomorrowwww its the day, CHRISTMASSS EVEEE! busy giving out present? baking cakes? turkey ready to oven? carolling?:)


*the cupcakes really smeelll good*