a typical Logo I designed last semester.talking about last semester, results are not out yet. waiting waiting WAITING! I havent done anything productive yet this holiday which I told myself that I should make use of the time but OH WELL when i come home, the lazy worms crawl out and broke the motivation. NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE, do not learn! Others applied and got they job. im still here enjoying my holidays but I don’t see the point that I should rush and get a job for my internship soon. i have time & I believe God have better plans for me, so i will WAIT & do it SLOW & STEADY! oh wait, I dont even know if I get to do do the internship, what if i fail one of the subject? nightmare. and biggest problem are me No driving license, how to go work? public bus, I dont want lehh. Wait, i remembered something,  im not very good in autoCad & 3D rendering too! =/ hope the internship(if i happen to get a job) will help me improve all this skills but not discouraging. anyway, i have to prepare and meet the industry someday too. hmm! all the best to you all & God bless. =)