Join Starbucks Love Project through adding drawing to they gallery or upload voices to the sites to contribute 5cents towards the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. Maximum of one million submission only ooh, so be fast!

Go to the Starbuck Love Project Site, click LOVE DRAWING & start creating your drawing.

Its easy, they have everything there. Colour, brushes etc. All you need to do is just show how love look like through drawing. The above were my sister’s masterpiece.

a masterpiece of an animation student, Lionel Chan. Not bad wahh, nice drawing dude! I think he will be floating in the air after he see this, HAHAHAHA!

A fun way of donating; you can post your masterpiece on your Facebook too. After you have done the drawing, fill the information they need & SUBMIT! that’s all, easyyy peasy right?! So, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to create your drawing now.

the gallery, I took one whole night but still cant find my drawing because there ‘re loads of it & most of them are very artistic & you get to see drawings from other country.

& other reason this attracted me its because  its by Starbucks. Talking about Starbucks, you should try Green Tea Frappuccino with whipped cream & chocolate chips add on of Starbucks! you might get addicted to it because Im already addicted to it after one try & I should blame LICCO HA for it. HAHAHAH! ♥  also LIONEL CHAN & ROXANE NG, the GTF drinking partner.

Dear Starbucks, when are you going to come to Brunei? Brunei ♥ Starbucks too! right coffee lovers of Brunei?  so,I hereby proposed that you should come Brunei someday but don’t make us wait too long. Thank you!