today marks the final presentation for design 4 & here comes holidays *BIG SMILE*

my retail outlet working model.

today’s presentation were fine.

after presentation, I waited so long to know that there’s no grade on my board. 😦

to coursemate who get good grades, GOOD JOB! *give yourself a pat on your back*

see how ugly is my board, sigh! improvement needed. =/

Kate spade is an retail outlet that sale ladies bags.

concept: Modern

theme: “Shop for bags on a red carpet.”

the carpet is red in colour but it turb out to be orange in my board. It spoil my concept BUT the lecturer prefers orange than red, I showed him my model and explained that HOT red attracts more girls and ladies, he later somehow agree with me. 🙂

The lecturer likes my space planning and display colour, all white! 🙂

Oh well, all lecturers & designers have they own opinion. like it or dislike it!? Its still a design.

I like whiteeee, I will design my future house with  70% of white colour. HEHEHHE!!



*One more week & Im rocking Brunei!*