; De stilj, Bauhaus; Hi-Tech, Post Modern… … zzzz

*doing history journal which were due few weeks ago*

and have the urge to blog. so sini saya curi tulang sekejap.  just a bit about semester four which is going to end in two weeks time. (and im going to have 3months holiday *BIG SMILE*) I LOVE UNI LIFE & is enjoying it especially this semester. I havent done anything productive yet so far, productive means big things that I do and Im proud of. NOTHING SO FAR!  hmm. hope my finals will be a productive work. Everyone is busy and rushing with they finals, building 3D and rendering. Im still in building 3D, yea, i admit im slow (knew someone is behind talking about me) go ahead, I don’t mind.FUU!!

“no matter how things turn out, make the best of them.”

People, come on lar, don’t make your life so stress, relax a bit okay. 🙂

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