Why are Sesame Street characters on the Google doodle?

big bird

Google doodle has looked bit different the pass few days, firstly the BIG BIRDIE’s legs as the letter “L’


and few days back, COOKIE MONSTER’s eyes as the letter “O”s on the word of Google that were partially filled with cookies. I like this Google doodle the most and think its the cutest.


this morning while I was about to do research on Google and when the Google page popped out; I realized that the Google doodle  had a new doodle design again. Bert and Bernie’s smile makes people feel friendly and with Bert’s hand waving, it gave an idea of  “Welcome you to Google”.


Sesame Street were on Google doodle these days were because Sesame street were celebrating they 40th anniversary. so, guess what’s the next character on Google doodle?

*not a fan of sesame street but I do watch them when I was a kid and thinks they’re cuteeee*