i have loads of things to blog but im busy these few weeks, finals are coming up.hmm. Lecturer wants to drop me out from design class, cause my progress are slow?! aren’t they suppose to help me, they want to kick me out instead of helping me. Im slow and why? Tutorial  treat me/us like ball, kick here and there, one thinks that we are useless and gave up on me/us hence the other have to tutor us and later on  the previous tutor wants to see our work again. I should have listen to one, which probably wouldn’t make my progress slow. I DON’T WANT TO DROP MY MODULE! I received a message from coursemate saying that im in big trouble, please see lecturer if i want to drop module. HELLLO? If i drop now, do you think I will be better next semester? Im here to learn, ask us don’t give up but you guys gave up on me so easily. Nevermind wor, some people encourage me to drop my module wor, SAD! *cries* Thank you KIMBO & LICCO, for the encouragemennt,  two important creature! Love both of you to the max! Back to the design, I will still do what im suppose to do and show my tutorial on Friday, if she still want to drop me… Im giving up!  IM GIVING UP. sorry daddy.