how’s your weekend? 🙂


escaped to the vintage town on Friday. had a wonderful time there sweating with friends. went with DSLR 1000D, im still not very familiar with all those settings.

justin & roxy

best desert in melacca, DURIAN DESERT & also CENDOL, love the gula melacca.


the people i spent with on Friday night. 🙂


cuteee & cheap flip flops; dint get one though, were busy taking picture and get scolded by the boss, “NO PICTURE GIRL, please delete it!!” then ‘bo xim’ buy liao.


watch Little Nyonya? these is the place where they do movie shooting. 😀


i love this. a little shake while taking this picture & it turns out like this. spot the light? HEART SHAPEEESSS!


alright, will update more picture on facebook, do check it out. 🙂

*back to work*

I have to do my work now, if not I don”t have anything to show teacher tomorrow & she will ask me to drop my module. then really GAME OVER .