a day with canon 40D & is wondering when will I get my own DSLR? *look at dad*

study tableI love my room’s lighting in the evening, the light from the window makes my room warmth & cosy; then it makes me sleepy. That explain why I mostly do work at night. *sorry arr my study table a bit messy*


my lovely housemates; Bing(the owner of canon 40D) & Xue Li.


Bing Bing gave me this birthday package; one day using her canon 40D, a slice of secret recipe cake and a birthday present (an antique photo album). Thank you lover.  *I know you will read this… drop comment weh girl, you never drop comment =( *


loook at the layers of chocolate & cream cheeseeeee; you will still eat it eventhough you know you will gain kilograms of calories after enjoying it. Can’t wait for Brunei secret recipe to open, new place to yumchaaa.


Happppy mooncake festival! lovess mom’s made mooncake. serve best with jasmine or green tea.


cute icon right? bet you have seeen it beforeee or even greeted your friend with this icon. Wowhee, I received this from from a friend of mine while we were quarrel-ing halfway, a nice way trying to end the war. HAHAHA! Oh well, I still hearts you… you know who you are. =)

alright, i will stop here, its time for tea and mooncakes.  Enjoy too people!