not bad lehh, i get to see hadsomy korean dancers before i come back to KL. *cuci mata*

Saranhaeyo Korea were held at Rizqun Hotel on Wednesday ; folk dance and modern dance performances were all very professional. The main purpose of this event were to promote Korea tourism, special discount were given on that day.

saranhaeyo 2

mom,bro and me with one of the dancers. Thick make-up they have & they eye contact on stage were very catchy, good in catching audience attention.

b-boy dancers

with the B-Boy korean dancers & the guy on the right, he’s beat box were  AWWW-EEE-SSOOO-MEEEE! HAHAHA! Finally, I get to watch people doing beat box on live. *big smile* guys posing with peace are the dancers, TEAMWORK, all posee same same.

Thanks aunty Betty for the VIP ticket, good view & comfy seat. 😀

I have loads of assignment to catch up but im pretty well with it, knowing that God is guiding me always, so why do I have to stress myself? RIGHT?!!! this is my second year in uni & only this semester i see myself getting independent. I’ve been depending on others too much. Things and people changed; will go with whatever it comes around, all i know is God has his plan. Its October and 2009 is ending soon and we are getting closer to 2012, which is a very HOT topic to discuss these days. I have no comment so don’t ask me about it!

my VIP is still shaking his bumb at his hometown;HAHAHA! I COMMAND you to come back now.