Thank you for all the blessings & greetings. 😀

Thank you for the lovely cupcakes darlings, hearts you all.


had a little celebration with the girls last night. They came over to my place for sleepover, a night with laughters. 😀


Susaniee, my september lady, her birthday falls on the 23rd. My mum and her mum went to the same clinic for check up last time, does that mean we knew each other before we were born, when we were still in mother’s womb?!(*&^%$


Apple flavour birthday cake from YewWeng, I prefer strawberry flavour though but he say no cause he used apple, macbookpro while chating with me and send me this cake drawn by him. So its apple flavour because he is using apple lappy. ZZZZzz   booo~Thank youuu mr weng!!

and lastly, Dearest; I know you’ve been trying to come over today, its okay that you couldn’t make it; Im already very happy that you had try to make it. Thank youuu! hugs.

ROXANE NG WIN YAN, redbox when im back okay?