have been hanging around with these bunch of friends recently(lunch, dinner & supper) and its all about DOTA. I somehow understand a little bit what they’re discussing & talking about.HAHA. they even motivate me to join them playing. I would like to but yeah time don’t allow me. There are lists of things I should do & to be complete waiting for me. I understand myself that If I really play DOTA, i might get addicted & neglect things which are more important. That’s for me lar, no offence yeah guys.

CHEERLEADER, yesh I don’t mind.. 🙂

=)HAHA. those link are fake, ryann created HIMSELF.COM 😀

and thanks Lee, owner of  http://warcraftdotamaster.com/ for dropping by. 🙂

these link might help you guys, do drop by. 🙂

DOTA- a game in the forest? 😛