.redbox opening ceremony. dota. fishing. movie marathon. wedding ceremony. hang out with friends. dating. etc…

everybody seems to be so busy & Im so free. IM SO ENERGETIC right now but Im blank & nowhere to go, somemore there’s no class tomorrow.hmm. ( I wish I know how to play dota or drive right now.) When there’s things to do, Im out of battery. I called this life, nothing can fulfill humans – bad practice.

below are potraits of my friends. 🙂

yewweng, trying to pose like a prisoner. watched too much of prison break. HAHA.


roxane, a sweet smile and typical pose.


justin with his good boy look. HAHA.


jimmy, aiming for new target.


comment allowed here.

-i miss your warmth.

I should call friends out for ‘yumcha’. hmm!