hearts you all. 🙂




Im touched, a big  hugs for all of you! will hang out again end of the year alright?

answer for this question, “Can you don’t leave?” probably, I might answer you three years later. 😛

and friends that I did not hang around with for a month have been asking me this question “When can I see you?”, “Come back fast!” etc, I will be back tomorrow, TALKATIVE AND LAME QUEEN will be back soon. HAHAHA. and to friends who have been supporting me, don’t worry, IM COMING BACK, i LOVE this course, im not quiting at the moment. so yeah! smile okay!

FRIENDS, its great to have all of you. I LOVE YOU ALL. can I freeze you all in one container? HAHHA. then wherever I go i will just bring all along. thumbs up? HAHAAHAA.

and finally i finished packing, with the help from my sister. 🙂

-why holiday ends so fast? 😦