WOHOO! facebook quizes are FUN & ADDICTIVE. We creature  have the biggest curiousity that’s why we or I take the quizes. Well, its just quizes, the result cannot be trust so take it for FUN! i repeat for FUN!

*went to play guitar geek.

back, so tomorrow is a public holiday again. I planned to have another photo shoot session with the girls before I go back next week. YESH, NEXT WEEK, 11 more days!! time flies SO FAST (like Tokyo Drift). HAHAHAHA. Anyway, most of them couldn’t make it tomorrow, so its cancelled perhaps I should spend more time with my family.*carving for excapede(SUSHI)! I know Im a weirdo, blog till halfway then think of  food. Talking of Excapede, I have list of orders to takeaway back to KL, yeahh but  sorry lah people I can’t promise I can “tapau” back this time because of the swine flu & H1N1, the airport check very strict. Somemore due to this disease they encourage us not to eat Japanese food especially those fresh one, im afraid they won’t let me bring it or I wrap it with something else? mmmm. see how it goes lah. HEAR MY STOMACH GRUMBLING? self reminder: NO SUPPER! :S after this I will have my supper which is already well prepared in my dreamland. *siuk sendiri.. HAHA.

5 weeks of holiday is going to end soon = I HAVE TO PACK AND LEAVE THIS COMFY ZONE. 😦

anyway, enjoy first lah…

so, I will end this post with a peaceful picture of mine. 😀 HAHAHA.

jane 295 copy

new week, new days. HAVE A BLESSED ONE! 🙂

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