Fisrt and foremost, I should greet the Majesty HAPPY BIRTHDAY and your Majesty you did a great job! 😀

… …

=) 083

the girls came my place last night, all of us were KO-tired, low batt?, lack of energy! (dunno why) and went to sleep early =) NO GOSSIP, GOOD GIRLS RIGHT? XD the next day, Grace came to joined us and drove us to empire hotel. =) after empire, we decided to go Vintage Rose Cafe (which I’ve been waiting for a chance to go there everytime Im back) in Kiulap but sadly it was closed, public holiday bahh, what you expect. hmm. Then we went to Bakerlyn Cafe check out, luckily not all cafe were closed on public holidays =) its a nice place for tea and chit-chat with friends though =)

=) 146

me & PinJia

=) 024

Lynn, PinJia, Grace & Karen.

I had a lovely day, Thank you girls =D hugs!

more pictures on facebook 🙂

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