from left-right- Me, Ms Hema, Qilah, Susan, Ms Veronica, Judy and Lynn.

EARTH DAY 2007, yea lahh its about recycling. haha. we designed “dress” for the host and the dress were make from recycle material like alluminium, plastics etc. high schoool time, I LOVEEE AND ITS FUUN! now mana ada chance to make dress with plactics and get someone to wear it.haha. anyway, picture on the left were cut it out from newspaper. Uncles & aunties of mine mistaken Judy as me. haha.we were used to it, I also dunno why, during high school time both of us somehow look alike. “Why arhh Judy?” hmm. is it because of our thick hair frindge? hahahaa.

earth day 2

Cindy & Vanessa-the Host. wearing the dress we make lehh, proud of it.ehseeeh! simple and very recycle (of course wearable too) 🙂


got this from newspaper too. This were during China education in Manggis Mall ballroom. we were posing for our school photographer and a few pose later, here comes the public reporters and photographers. the next day, we saw ourself on the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper. hahaha. not bad lahh, got experince before the kind of feeling when you found urself on the newspaper. hahaha.

exhibition 2

left to right- Farah, Cheryl, Leiz, Qilah, Pin Jia, Susan, Grace, Lynn, Siew Yen, ah Whai, MeeKion, Winnie, Me & Judy. photo credits to Mr Simon Chin.

and when is the next prom night? *someone organise please.. 🙂

PromNight Ticket

I still keep the ticket lehh, hahaha. Oh man, look at my ticket number. 0012! yesh, 12, dua belas, twelve!! thanks winnie, she gave this ticket to me cause its my favourite number! hahah.  and this ticket looks professional right, it is designed by no other people, Winnie 🙂

awww, those day… …!