holiday 1

a mood board? hahaha.

well yeahh, its good to be home :)above pictures are summaries of what I did for the pass weeks. Partees at friend’s house, its good to meet old friends once in awhile, catch up with each other lifes. Good to see everyone is doing well. and I don’t know if next year onward we stilll can gather like this mah, most of them leaving next year, majority to Australia. (Judy, you attracted them there huh?!) 🙂 and yesh, all of them got they license, talking bout license, I MUST GET IT SOON probably before this year ends. The picture of mine with the little kid and the group photo on the top, were taken during VBS (Vocational Bible School) last weeks, I joined them on the second day as a helper and a point counter(record points for each of the group and total it up). Kids are so cuteee! The heart shape were formed by the YFcampers, I dint attend the camp but my name and others who dint attend were found in the middle of the heart shape ooh! Loveeee the heart 🙂 Sister just turn 12 years old, a little party were held at home to celebrate her birthday 🙂 and Thanks Jia and Lynn for driving me around! cant wait for this weekend to comee 🙂

btw, congrats to my brother who got choosen for NS! grow up big boy…=DD